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KrusaydorUK    30



So I've got a Suggestion to Pitch for Chester and some crafting bits and bobs.


So currently we have Snow Chester and Shadow Chester which is really cool, especially the Snow for obvious reasons.


However, I don't want to have to make the choice between them, or my Shadow Chester accidentally transforming into Snow Chester as I placed a Blue Gem in him and forgot it was there when the Moon Cycle went round again.


Therefore, I have two suggestions for Chester Transformations.


1. Chester has additional tenth slot designated for Transformations. For example, placing a Blue Gem or Nine Nightmare Fuel would transform Chester into one or the other on the spot.


2. (A more complex but meaningful modifier.) There to be a New Crafting Tab for Chester, icon being himself or the Eyebone. With the Tenth Slot still implemented you can place the newly crafted item into Chester.


The Paragraphs below will be my ideas for Chester Transformations, if you wish to read them, then continue reading. All Chester's Orbs require a Prestihatitator.


Shadow Chester Reworked (Rename to Nightmare Chester) - Crafted Item required for Transformation: Nightmare Orb - Requires 4x Nightmare Fuel, 2x Beard Hair, 2x Silk. Effects: Causes a certain amount of sanity drain and Crawling Horrors will spawn near Chester regardless of Sanity Level. (Also no longer provides extra item space, moved to another type of Chester.)


Snow Chester Renamed to Freezer Chester - Crafted Item required for Transformation: Freezer Orb - Requires 2x Blue Gem, 6x Ice, 2x Silk. Effects: Chester becomes a walking Ice Box, also opening Chester causes your Heat to drop.


BBQ Chester - Crafted Item required for Transformation: BBQ Orb - Requires 6x Charcoal, 4x Cut Stone, 8x Logs, 2x Silk. Effects: Chester will cook items placed on him, he can no longer hold any form of food as a result though.


Burrow Chester - Crafted Item required for Transformation: Burrow Orb - Requires 2x Moleworms, 2x Rabbits, 2x Silk. Effects: When Hostile Mobs come near Chester, he will bury himself protecting himself and his contents from harm. Note: Mobs will have to be defeated for Chester to resurface as a Trade Off for his invulnerability.


Trough Chester - Crafted Item required for Transformation: Trough Orb - Requires 4x Pig Hides, 4x Planks, 2x Silk. Effects: Chester has a larger inventory space and slightly slower speed.


Racer Chester - Crafted Item required for Transformation: Racer Orb - Requires 4x Gears, 4x Charcoal, 2x Silk. Effects: Chesters speed is increased to match Players speed regardless of what it is.


I have plenty more suggestions and I'd imagine others done so I'll finish here.


Thanks for reading, 




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spencer320    154

Chester can only transform once so shadow Chester won't spawn into snow Chester and visa versa. I like the burrowing idea and a way to match your speed but shadow version has more slots, 12 I believe. A slower Chester is not a good idea. He's already slow to begin with. Chester as a BBQ? Really? That's what a fire is for. Or cook food at ur base and put it in ur portable fridge. Chester loves that stuff!

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jj42883    43

Here are my ideas for new Chesters (using the current mechanic of filling with an item and waiting for full moon)...


    Snow Chester - Fill with blue gems... becomes refrigerator (CURRENT)

    Fire Chester - Fill with red gems... becomes a crock pot

    Sanity Chester - Fill with purple gems... chester has large +sanity aura at night, but large -sanity aura during the day.

    Lazy Chester - Fill with orange gems... chester automatically picks up items & moves faster (by telepoofing short distances)

    Star Chester - Fill with yellow gems... gives off small amount of light and can cook foot items (like a fire, not like a crock pot)

    Green Chester - Fill with green gems... ???


    Shadow Chester - Fill with nightmare fuel... gains extra storage space (CURRENT)

    Spike Chester - Fill with tentacle spikes... any attack on chester causes damage to attacker

    Sewing Chester (needs a better name) - Fill with sewing kits... repairable items placed in chester are slowly repaired over time.

    Pig Chester - Fill with pig skins... nearby pigs (max 3) will follow chester and protect him (not the player)

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