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Crash when enabling full screen mode


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Crash when enabling full screen mode

Steps to reproduce

Open game

Go to Settings

Click Enabled for Fullscreen option

Click Apply

*Game crashes*

Describe your issue

Game crashes when enabling fullscreen option. I am unable to locate the Version Number, however, I am using the current version Steam provides as of 12/08/2012 whichever that is.

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Why was my Bug report moved under this issue? This isn't the same issue. I just tested it. My monitor DOES support the resolution I am *attempting* switching it too.

settings.ini only has this in it(no option to alter refresh rate - nor does adding a line fix the issue):


window_x = 37

window_y = 70

windowed_width = 1280

windowed_height = 720

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You need to add the other lines as well for the screen resolution and set fullscreen to true. If you try to enable fullscreen in the options, it will set the refresh rate back to 50 Hz regardless of what you put in the settings.ini and crash. In other words, you can't use the options menu.


fullscreen_width = 1920

fullscreen_height = 1080

window_x = 0

window_y = 50

display_id = 0

refresh_rate = 60

fullscreen = true

windowed_width = 1488

windowed_height = 837

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