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Research Points

How do YOU get Research Points  

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  1. 1. How do YOU get Research Points

    • By digging up graveyards.
    • By digging up Saplings/Grass Tufts.
    • Using Gold Nuggets
    • Putting all the odds and ends i have in the machine.
    • Putting Monster drops in the machine.
    • Other. List how in the Replies.

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xeezy    11

Grass Tufts is what I do, I was gonna go dig out the graveyard but I died of a horrible fail death that I do not wish to include as it's too embarassing. xD

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SatireV    12

I have a farm for grass, saplings, trees, flowers and berries. I don't like the idea of throwing something like a grass tuft or anything that isn't renewable into the research machines. I used graveyards to get me off the floor but now I only use cut grass, logs, saplings or any form of them.

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