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Suggestion: Weather

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CodexLumen    14

Temperature in caves and ruins should be different.

During Summer the temperature should be lower than during Winter in them. The ruins should be lot hotter than the caves in usual.

So in the caves during Summer, you shouldn't overheat at all, nor during Winter.

But in the ruins, you should overheat during Winter.


I also think that there should be ice rains during summer. It should increase wetness and decrease temperature very rapidly. Also, it should work similarly to the earthquakes. Some ice chunks should become big ice chunks that can damage crops and the player a bit. Also, lightning strikes should be very common. It should last for a very-very short time. I think it should balance summer a bit... Also, the Dragonfly won't aggro that much during a great rainfall.


I also think that cloudiness should affect lighting and temperature. During night, cloudiness should increase temperature, but during daytime, it should decrease it.


Plus tornados. They should occur once-twice every season for a few minutes. They should destroy structures and should suck the player. They should "carry" their items... And birds...

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