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Infectum13 - Reign of Giants (Don't Starve - Season 5)

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Infectum13    10

Starting a new post thread.

Getting back into Don't Starve.

After reading some tips and some forums posts, we are going to try again to conquer these bastard giants!



Episode 12 - GOOOOLLLDDD!



Episode 11 - Starting to setup a new base



Episode 10 - Restarting in the season of Autumn.

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Infectum13    10


Episode 9 - Rage Quit



Episode 7 - Holy Pig Snouts

We finally catch a break and find an extra life.



Episode 6 - Dance with the Reaper



Episode 5 - Wigfrid, to Battle!

In this episode we unlock a new character!



Episode 4 - Gold N' Statues

In this episode we finally get the ball rolling with some gold, marble, and a few surprise goodies!



Episode 3 - Birchnut Treeguards!

We run into a new type of mob, we find chester, and also go on a Beaver Rampage!



Episode 2 - Don't Whiz on the Electric Goat.

Freakin' even the goats are deadly.  Bastards...




Don't Starve: Season 5 - Reign of Giants, Episode 1 - Life Amulet, Check!




Season 5 of Don't Starve!  This season we explore all the new goodies in Reign of Giants.  New Biomes, New Seasons, New Tech, and of course GIANTS!!  Will be able to survive the this onslaught on terror and rewards!

We'll have to find out.



Intro & Outro:


You can also follow me @:


Google +: 




Thank you everyone, and have a fantastic, AWESOME day!


I have joined RPM Talent Network.  If you w

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kraken121    397

Getting frustrated with Reign of Giants...


watched your video, nice to see one that is not a bunch of immature screaming ;)

I'll throw some tips your way,


your play style


1. If a mob is attacking you, do not run around in circles (no matter how big or small the circle) pick one direction and run straight in that direction, if you see a road, follow that road, your speed will increase and get you further away from the mob. Monsters like tallbirds, are fast. 


2. Pick your battles wisely, don't fight higher end stuff with no armor. If you are going to fight something like a clockwork or a tallbird, have on at least wooden armor and a football helm.




1. Weather has more of an effect in RoG, you started in the spring, there will be a lot of rain. Your focus should be making things to prevent moisture levels from rising. Most hats will reduce this, umbrella is easy to make, you had everything you needed to make one, but you did not. 


2. Sanity - to raise sanity levels fast, you can make certain items to help raising it. You were picking up flowers but a better way and easier, would be to find one or two pigmen, feed them some meat to get them to follow you, then go an chop down trees, you get a huge sanity boost when you are close to pigmen.


3. The new items - the endothermic items are there to help you cool your temperature, this is not usually needed in the Spring. 


4. Your base - Things you should make ASAP are, 1 chest, 2 first science engines, get a lightning rod up, fire pit, crockpot and a meat drying rack, I usually make 3 or 4 drying racks ASAP and get stacks of jerky as fast as possible, this is another way to get sanity and health very quickly.


5. Location - while IDR if you were located near a pig village, you should try to  place your base at least a short run away from them, it can help you later for hound attacks and to raise sanity but make sure you are not too close, werepigs can be tough during a full moon. I personally don't like to put my base too close to a touchstone, sometimes during hound attacks, you will respawn and the hounds can just kill you again very quickly.


6. Moisture - if your moisture levels have raised and you are hurting, take off all the wet items and all the wet items in your inventory.


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