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Early acces confusion

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VelenoRosso    6

there are two ways devs can approach a problem.

dedicate their time to fix a problem once they are aware of it (and one can assume that if dev is posting in a bug thread they are aware of it)

or they can get chatty at forum doing no real work.


sure, such bug is an annoying pain in the ass, but then again, it is BETA. it is NOT finished product, so you can expect unexpected.

odd game crashes, broken saved games, not optimized code that can even hang your whole machine...essentialy , all who play RoG now, paid Klei for being their lab rats :) So patience is vital here If you want seamless experince wait till they will release RoG officialy.

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dimQ    0

who is talking about bugs here? only you, man, and this is offtop.

this thread is closed already.

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