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[Graphics] cursor issue/settings wont save


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cursor issue/settings wont save

Steps to reproduce

#1--started up initial game, tried to click on an object in game. character walks an inch to the left of what I was going after.

#2tried to change resolutions settings from 640 x 480 to 800 x 600 using the fullscreen mode option and then changed back to windowed option. Hit apply settings got the conformation screen, hit okay.

Describe your issue

As is stated above, my cursor does not seem to be responding well to the Steam version of Don't Starve. The cursor line up is off about an inch to the right, thus making my backpack inaccessible. I have tried to do the changing of resolution fix to solve the issue, however the settings refuse to save or alter themselves when I start the game or continue a saved game. I have gone through many of the threads associated with such cursor issues but havent had any luck with finding a solution to this problem.

Fullscreen mode also seems rather broken, as it seems to crash when that options is enabled.

My computers has all of the requirements needed to support game play.

Am unsure of what to do. It seems like such a promising game,

If any more info is needed I shall do my best to oblige. Thank you

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