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Repairable objects' inspect string can cause crashes

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From the The Big List Of Mod-Related Code Suggestions

Fix repairable item describe strings (multiple bugs exist; one can cause crashes)

Detailed here. Example fix here (the function is in stringutil.lua)

The GetDescription function of stringutil.lua will crash if STRINGS.CHARACTERS[charactername] exists but STRINGS.CHARACTERS[charactername].DESCRIBE[prefabname] doesn't (almost a certainty for custom characters and/or custom repairable items). It also incorrectly handles generic/character-specific strings (if a character-specific prefab describe string exists, but a character-specific repairable string doesn't, then it won't append any repair string and vice versa; if no prefab-specific string exists at all, it will never append the repair string)

A completely fixed GetDescription function:


function GetDescription(character, item, modifier)    character = character and string.upper(character)    local itemname = item.components.inspectable.nameoverride or item.prefab    itemname = itemname and string.upper(itemname)    modifier = modifier and string.upper(modifier)     local ret = GetSpecialCharacterString(character)     if not ret then        if STRINGS.CHARACTERS[character] then            ret = getcharacterstring(STRINGS.CHARACTERS[character].DESCRIBE, itemname, modifier)        end                 if not ret and STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC then            ret = getcharacterstring(STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE, itemname, modifier)        end             if not ret and STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC then            ret = STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE_GENERIC        end             if ret and item and item.components.repairable and item.components.repairable:NeedsRepairs() and item.components.repairable.announcecanfix then            local repairstring = nil                 if STRINGS.CHARACTERS[character] and STRINGS.CHARACTERS[character].DESCRIBE then                repairstring = getcharacterstring(STRINGS.CHARACTERS[character], "ANNOUNCE_CANFIX", modifier)            end                 if not repairstring and STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC then                repairstring = getcharacterstring(STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC, "ANNOUNCE_CANFIX", modifier)            end                         if repairstring then                ret = ret..repairstring            end        end    end     return retend

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