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Diaries of animals

Should i make more mob diaries?  

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  1. 1. Should i make more mob diaries?

    • Yes I think these are cool :D
    • No never make these again in your life.

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pokeguy8018    10

Mark's Diarie

Day1: Eating alot of grass pooping all over the place just another day...

Day2: Some weird thing on two legs came walking by yesterday. His fur was all pointed up at 2 ends and his skin looked multicolored and weird...

Day3: Last night he made a hot orange thing on a tree it went away after a while but he never moved away from the orange thing. He walked passed me and i stood up to show him who is boss.

Day4: Chuck came back to the herd today completly bald! We asked him what happened but he was so depressed he didn't say anything. The weird guy came around again today and he was wearing a cool hat on his head

Day5: Havent heard from Chuck in a while... He just disappeared. The weird guy came walking buy hitting a rock with something. His belly looked a bit fatter today.

Day6: The weird guy is getting fatter and alot of the herd is disappearing. I wonder if he has something to do with it.

Day7: It's only me and Albert now... No idea where the rest of the herd is. Haven't seen the weird guy either.

Day8: Albert is gone. I saw the weird guy kill him with a pointy stick. Running, running away... He will never find me...he won't kill m---

Wilson's Journal

Day9: Beefalo can write!?!? I found this on his body. I'll have to remember this next time.

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pokeguy8018    10

Steven's Diary

Day1- Love it at night here at this island, all the pigs you can war with, all the people you can kill and my buddies are awesome.

Day2- Some girl came by tonight. it didn't take long for us to surround and kill her. She dropped a ton of food and some dragonpie. Party all night this night!

Day3- I SWEAR i saw some guy hiding out by the trees tonight. I told 3 of my buddies to go look for him. They are pretty strong so i think they'll kill him

Day4- Haven't heard back from my buddies. What happened to them? A little bit scared but i got like 20 more friends so i'll manage

Day5- One of the nests was set on fire during the daytime! I was to scared to help and we lost 8 more guys tonight.

Day6- Dear god another was set on fire! We are the last nest now... We have to look for him at night where we are strongest.

Day7- We split up 50/50. 4 of us went west 4 went east. I went west.

Day8- I'm back at the nest but the team that went east didn't come back. I assume the worst.

Day9- We are under attack! Though i envy his mustache he was stomping us like bugs!

I ran for my life I think I'm the last one...

Day10- Slept under the sun. So scared... So alone. I just wis---

Wolfgang's Paper

GAHHAHA! Stupid Spiders! They waste so much time wriytin that they no mo powerfulll. Me squash dem like bugs! GAHHAHA!

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Toaster Fu    101

I feel bad for chuck.:(

And why don't you keep them in one thread? I could edit the title for you.

Edit: Okey I merged them here.

Edited by Toaster Fu

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Hahaha! This is great.

I liked the Beefalo one the most. I think it was the way that he described things and Wilson that made it funny.

How about a Pigman diary? It could involve a lot of weird things like eating meat and pig skin (and wondering where it comes from), a weird looking man randomly giving precious meat, and so on.

Hope to see more of it!

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