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Clarity of Mind

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KidneyBeanBoy    846

I've been thinking about the heat/crafting mechanic and came up with an idea.

When it's really hot out, or when you're sick, it's quite hard to think clearly with the heat clouding your vision. Fitting in with this game's theme of being realistic at all the wrong moments, I'm suggesting for a similar mechanic to be added in the game.

When exposed to heat, or other mind-fogging things (like manure or rotten foods) for long periods of time, you would start to experience temporary side effects, such as:

  • Having certain recipes moved up to the next tier
  • Forgetting crafting recipes over time
  • Increase sanity drainage
  • Giving a small chance for a blueprint to fail when read
  • Giving a reasonable chance for weapons/tools to be crafted with less durability

    However, this would come with two perks:

  • Giving a small sanity boost when returning to normal mind clarity
  • Having "weakened obelisks" that go down/up when you have the effects of low clairity.
After a while without exposure to these, things, you would gradually return to normal clarity, reachiving normal proficiency with the crafting teirs.

And that's about it.

Of course, a lot of these things could be changed to be more balanced/less harsh, and expanded a bit to do more than just mess with your crafting.Though I still stand by the idea.

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justjasper    77

I think these are all interesting suggestions, especially the messing with crafting, but they could largely be implemented as extra side effects of low sanity, I'm not sure another entire mechanic is necessary. 

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