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Change Common/Uncommonness of certain items.

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Now , I Mainly made this thread for the tentacle spikes , but i'll put some more on this too , Suggest some of your own ideas on how common/uncommon certain items should be , maybe even items that are in future updates?

Tentacle Spikes - By Tylerthedragon

After getting better at the game , and thriving to unlock Wendy , i decided to go kill some tentacles for the first time , Now , when i went there , i killed 3 of them sinse i was on low health and i was out of pigmen buddies , I picked up allof the loot i could find and found 1 tentacle spots and 3 tentacle spikes , sinse these are stronger than spears and killing 3 of them only took my armor and 2 pigmen that respawn from their huts every day , i have to say that if i didn't look away from the screen for 2 seconds while in the swamp again , noticing I had nothing equipped and not noticing that I was standing where a tentacle was rising up from the ground , i'd probably be at day 50 , even witha ll the hounds and the occasional spider army trying to attack me , its not much of a problem, i think you should make Tentacle spikes a bit less common , maybe a 1/3 chance of getting one?

Tentacle Spots - By Tylerthedragon

If you read above , you'll understand the concept , 1/3 chance of having it , sinse the only good thing they're there for is the current feather hat , which currently has no uses.

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