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[Gameplay] Dissapearing Pigs


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Dissapearing Pigs

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go out chopping wood, start fire before evening, pigs dont spend the night with you at the fire, and run off to dissapear

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whent out chopping wood with my pig friend, when evening aproached i started a fire.. he stuck around for a few min and then ran off into the dark, reguardless of my nice warm fire... since then he has never come back to his house, been over 3 days by now.. gone looking for him.. he's gone.

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Pigs "loyalty", "employment" or "enslavement" (call it whatever you like) only last for a day or so; they then head back to their house.

If they haven't appeared at their house, they may be stuck in a tree somewhere between their house and where you were chopping wood.

Or perhaps they died somewhere, and you'll have to wait 3 days since he died for him to respawn from the house.

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