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'attempted to call method 'IsWithered' (a nil value)'

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imsomony    417

I'm not with Klei of course, but I'm a rookie dev and find it fun to poke around in files and solve problems =)


What were you attempting to do before the last time you saved/quit? That can help provide a bit more insight into where to look.


My initial hunch though is that one of your mods is out of date and isn't accounting for the RoG changes. Based solely on the error of "IsWithered", my guess is that it's trying to utilize plantlife but hasn't taken into account the new functions introduced with Summer. Possibly "Happy Flowers"?


Or it may have something to do with "Freezer", a couple people have been reporting crashes over on Steam with that lately.  Have you tried disabling your mods one-at-a-time to see if one of these is the culprit?

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UL7RA    14

Well, I was waiting for dusk and night to go away. 


I'm going to try disabling them one at a time now, but it's gonna take a little while with all this up-to-date checking...


EDIT: It's not Freezer. Neither Happy Flowers. Apparently it's one of these: Ash Fertiliser, Greenhouse farming, Better Honey, as there's no such thing as Stale Ice, turns into Melting Ice, as it should.

EDIT 2: Apparently it's More Realistic Honey causing ice to go Stale, but it doesn't crash without Greenhouse Farming.

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imsomony    417

@UL7RA, I spoke in error, my apologies for the extra work =( Usually what they recommend is disabling all of your mods, then re-enabling just one and seeing if the error occurs. Disable all mods again, then enable another one. Then do that over-and-over until you find which one is triggering the error.


Since you have so many mods, this could be a bit of a long trial-and-error. I'm not familiar with your mods personally, just been Googling some of them... here's your full list:


Charcoal Burner
Break The Ice
Health regeneration    
Unique Starting Equipment
Equivalent Exchange    
Birdcage(Time Based)    
Ash Fertilizer
Lighter Logs    
More Realistic Honey    
Faster Followers    
Happy Flowers    
Auto Catch    
Oh Poop
Better Traps    
Craftable Butter    
Craftable Turfs
Better Boulders    
Survival Gear    
Gem Tools    
Storm Cellar    
Lunch Box    
Throwable Rocks    
Where's My Beefalo?    
Greenhouse farming
More Crop Seeds    
Rare Mob Drops 2.4    


Do you have a mod that involves sleeping in some way? Your log file is showing code that's cross-referencing sleeping, like a tent or a straw roll or a fur roll.



If the devs run across this...


The initial error is calling on an action for SLEEPIN (line 610 through 626 in actions.lua). Looks like it's confirming sleepytime all the time instead of checking for conditional (dangerous) failures?

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UL7RA    14

Well, I had activated Wilson's House with Light, but disabled it some time ago. Disabled More Realistic Honey and it works like a charm.

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