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[Gameplay] Demo fails to save


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Demo fails to save

Steps to reproduce

1. Load game by selecting icon in google chrome apps

2. Select play demo

3. Select Wilson

4. Play until dusk (or any point thereafter)

5. Open menu with esc key

6. Select return to main menu

7. Select I said quit

8. Select play demo

9. Game restarts at beginning of day 1 on a new map.

Describe your issue

I have a demo of don't starve on Google chrome. I like the game so far, and was considering buying the full version, but so far I have been unable to continue my games. The Autosave symbol shows up at dusk and dawn, but I can never reload from it. Is there a special button on the menu screen to load that I've been missing? Does the demo intentionally not save and you need the full version to do that? Is it something else entirely?



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Welcome to the forums.

I don't think you are supposed to continue a game if you are playing the Demo. Otherwise the time counter would be useless, as you'd save the game, close it, open it and continue playing with a fresh counter.

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Couldn't you just save the time left in the demo? You'd still only get to play two days, but you wouldn't need to play them both continuously. Its not a problem in and of itself, I'm not very attached to any of my 1.5 days, but it makes me leery of buying the full version in case it continues to be a problem.

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