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winterwolf64    10

Hey, forum! I just had one crazy series of events in Don't Starve.

It all started with me wanting to make a bee box. I needed a lot of silk. I headed for an island with a big spider egg. When I arrived I saw a mandrake. I got it and went to the spider nest. After I spent a while being chased by spiders and finally got the silk required, I decided to cook the mandrake. (This is where I start to get surprised.) When I cooked the mandrake it shrieked. My character awoke in the morning. Realize this is my first time trying that. I thought that I survived because of the amulet I was wearing. I thought I was supposed to die. (If you don't know why, google mandrake.) I ate the cooked mandrake and left.

Since cooking the mandrake made me skip the night, I didn't realized it had been a FULL MOON. I headed back to my camp. I passed by my neighborhood pig village. I didn't expect to be attacked by a town of werewolves. I was chased around the island by them before thinking: "Hey, I have this amulet. It didn't break when I heard the mandrake's cry. It must have an unlimited amount of uses." I charged at the nearest werewolf with my spear. I died immediately. I watched as the amulet rose into the air and shattered, bringing me to life. This was my first time dying with an amulet on. I grabbed my stuff and ran. Only two werewolves were left. The rest turned back to normal. I ran from these werewolves until they turned to normal too.

I have seen some pretty bad luck in this game before. But this holds the cake........for now.

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Aerow    10

Eating a mandrake just makes you skip a day and restores your stats. Also, you can keep mandrakes as pets if you pull them in the night.

Good to know you are enjoying the game. Keep experimenting and exploring! But remember, Don't starve.

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