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Cave and Winter/Summer

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Cold of Winter and Heat of Summer are effective in cave. Why not : it will may be be too easy to avoid entire danger of bad seasons.


But, since cave have a permanent sanity drain, great danger (worm), hostile mob (spider, tentacle), and not many source of food... etc etc


Maybe the effect of bad weather could be "attenuated" in cave ? Less powerfull ?

For exemple, just have one good item (cube hat, winter hat) could suffice to prevent heating/freeze ?



I was accustomed to explore cave in winter. This option is too less viable now. It's like have winter without light, and it is harder than before for nothing more.

I find it sad : because best seasons for exploring cave are now autumn (and maybe spring), and there is also the best season for exploring outside.


And Winter was more dynamic before, because i could explore something (with preparation, because of sanity/lack of food/danger, etc), but now i have incitation to not go in cave...



So, a little mitigation (?) of the heat/cold could be better for the balance. Of course, it must not be TOO easy to go in cave, just adapt risk to reward.



(As usual, sorry for my english. Some terms maybe not the good one, i hope i am understandable)

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