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A few questions regarding a video

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Hello everyone,


I need some help for a project that I am working on.

I am attempting to make a video promoting the Reign of Giants DLC. Unlike all of my other projects (golden hammys), I actually intend on creating and completing this.

I need to know the following things.


-Does Deerclops still make the thunderous stomping noise?

                -If so, can anyone tell me where in the files I can find the sound effect for that?

-Where in the files are the hammer noises?

-Would the use of sound effects and ideas be covered in “fair use”?

-Can I use Klei’s Logo and the DLC crest for this video?


     I really just need to know if the deerclops still makes the stomping noise, and where in the files I can find the hammer noise


Any and all help would be appreciated.


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