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Curse Voice (closed beta)


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This has something to do with League of Legends which I am not at all interested in.

I have a key for this, if anyone wants it just message me. I only have one.

From the email:

Greetings Summoner!
We wanted to reach out to you to thank you for your contributions over the past few years as a Curse Premium member by offering you exclusive access to something very new, and very exciting.
Today, we invite you to partake in the next step of our evolution as a company as we continue to provide premier tools, services and websites. I wanted to reach out to you personally to try out our newest product, Curse Voice. Curse Voice is a product we hope will resonate with all online gamers, and specifically for now League of Legends. We will be adding support for additional games in the future!
Here's a look at a few of the cool things Curse Voice will let you do in League of Legends:
Keep track of champion ultimate cooldowns and know when they're ready.
Automatically track the respawn of Baron and Dragon when you have vision.
Easily create and share voice sessions while in queue or during champion select.
Curse Voice integrates fully into the League of Legends client, providing you with an unmatched overlay experience in addition to helping you push your game forward and coordinate with your team.
Please accept this as a token of our appreciation for you as a Premium Member, and click below to claim your key. Once you claim your key you'll be sent an email inviting you to get 5 more keys for your friends and family!
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