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Wilton the Skeleton Mod Portrait

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KiddyCorky    22

Hello ladies and gents. I was considering to post this in the Mods and Tools section (though I already posted it in my own thread) but since it's related to art I thought why the heck not. Anyways.


I have recently started re-designing Wilton the Skeletons mod portrait. Unfortunetaly I require assistance and criticism on how could I improve it.


For now it's just a sketch. But you can see the basic idea I'm trying to show how Wilton came to the world of Don't Starve.




Thanks for reading and I hope to receive some nice clues on what could be the best way to improve it.

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Tamir    1,237

That shadow hand... It looks like a short stump growing a long talon-like hand :grin: Other than that I guess this looks alright.

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