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Wickerbottom's Killer Armageddon: A Toxic Tragedy

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FenixStryk    12

While this video is technically the climax of a month-long challenge, I believe it is robust enough to stand on its own.


I am intimately familiar with the wailing and gnashing of teeth associated with one's first encounter of a killer beehive. To those that scorn them to this day, I have enacted retribution upon these heartless drones.




"A love letter to every starving wanderer that cursed the existence of killer bees, begets the uproarious lamentations of an unstable librarian. Rest well, comrades... you are not forgotten."



This is a one-off video, so do not expect a sequel or continuation. I consider the video to be feature-complete, so please enjoy it as is.


Please let me know if you enjoyed the video! Thank you for watching.

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