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[Tutorial] How to create crock pot animations (requires an unofficial modification)

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Kuloslav    21

Tutorial described how, step by step what you should do to create animations visible in the crock pot.


This tutorial only shows how to create an animation. If you like to know how to write a script or create images use other guides.


First, what programs we need:


Crock Pot for Modders

Don't Starve Mod Tools (contains Spriter) – nessesery for modding Don't Starve

Notepad ++ - source code editor


What programs do you use depends only on you. For example, instead of Notepad + +, you can use the windows notepad.


In our mod directory we create a directory "exported". Then we create folders with the name of our animation according to the following picture.




Now we need two file to our animation. First anim_name.png put into folder anim_name. Second

anim_name01.png put in folder anim_name01. Secon file must necessarily contain 01 in the name!


Another thing: file 01 should be the size of 200x200 px and occupy a larger portion of the layer. This file will be displayed in a crock pot, and with these settings usually looks good :-)




Next we open Spriter (directory: ...\Don't Starve\Don't Starve Mod tools\mod_tools\Spriter) and choose File->New Project




And choose main animation folder as root folder. Now choose “Save Project As...” and save anim_file.scml As the Spriter badly recognizes the arrangement of folders is necessary to manually modify the *.scml file.


By the way, I would like to thank the PickleIt mod creators. Without your mod I guessed this much later.


Code ready to be pasted below (edit anim_name to your animation name):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><spriter_data scml_version="1.0" generator="BrashMonkey Spriter" generator_version="b5">    <folder id="0" name="anim_name">        <file id="0" name="anim_name/anim_name.png" width="70" height="70" pivot_x="0" pivot_y="1"/>    </folder>    <folder id="1" name="anim_name01">        <file id="0" name="anim_name01/anim_name01.png" width="200" height="200" pivot_x="0" pivot_y="1"/>    </folder>    <entity id="0" name="anim_name">        <animation id="0" name="idle" length="1000">            <mainline>                <key id="0">                    <object_ref id="0" name="anim_name" folder="0" file="0" abs_x="-111.125" abs_y="125.25" abs_pivot_x="0" abs_pivot_y="1" abs_angle="0" abs_scale_x="3" abs_scale_y="3" abs_a="1" timeline="0" key="0" z_index="0"/>                </key>            </mainline>            <timeline id="0" name="anim_name">                <key id="0" spin="0">                    <object folder="0" file="0" x="-111.125" y="125.25" angle="0" scale_x="3" scale_y="3"/>                </key>            </timeline>        </animation>    </entity>    <entity id="1" name="anim_name01">        <animation id="0" name="idle" length="1000">            <mainline>                <key id="0">                    <object_ref id="0" name="anim_name01" folder="1" file="0" abs_x="-277.669134" abs_y="298.946814" abs_pivot_x="0" abs_pivot_y="1" abs_angle="0" abs_scale_x="2.961538" abs_scale_y="2.515385" abs_a="1" timeline="0" key="0" z_index="0"/>                </key>            </mainline>            <timeline id="0" name="anim_name01">                <key id="0" spin="0">                    <object folder="1" file="0" x="-277.669134" y="298.946814" angle="0" scale_x="2.961538" scale_y="2.515385"/>                </key>            </timeline>        </animation>    </entity></spriter_data>

After editing still recommend re-enable Spriter and overwriting the project (in case there were any differences in the size or position images).


The next part is add animation to the crock pot code. Open cookpot.lua in directory mod_directory\scripts\prefabs and add your animation to the code:




The last thing is to make our animation int Open directory ...\Don't Starve\Don't Starve Mod tools\mod_tools\ and execute Autocompiler.exe. Fte file will save as in anim folder.


it seems that it's all :-) I hope that this guide is useful.

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