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Glitchy Mod 0.666 (Creepypasta) Part 1

The Creepypasta  

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Morgan17    1305

  As Officer Jordan Maloney headed home with his computer he salvaged from the residence of Max W. Ell, he headed straight for Best Buy to get it fixed up instead of home. As he walked into the store, a store clerk asked what he brought the computer in for. "Some guy uhhhh.....threw it out and I found it at the curb. I need it to be fixed." This wasn't the first time Jordan lied. He lied many times at the station to the sherrif. "Okay! We'll have it fixed next week! In the meantime, why don't you have a free Windows 7?" The store clerk offered. Jordan was confused. No one offered free stuff to officers. This was a first. "Um...sure?" he agreed. As he headed out with his new temporary Windows 7, he already knew what he would download.

  The next day, he had downloaded Steam and Don't Starve. As he looked through the Steam workshop, he noticed a mod titled "glitch-fixer 0.666." Jordan looked at the description. The creator was "Name_Unknown."

The description said, " This mod will "fix' all your glitches within your game! Compatible with all other mods on the workshop." Without thinking, Jordan immediately downloaded the mod, since his game was constantly glitching.

 While he was playing, he noticed the mod hadn't fixed any of the glitches. In fact, it made them worse. The characters  phased into the ground more often, including the mod characters he downloaded. Jordan felt cheated. Strange things also started to happen. When a character died, instead of their voice dropping, they let out a shrill scream that gave him chills each time he heard it. The screen showed static whenever he went insane. A few days later, it happened.

(Part 1 ends here)

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DwerBomb    6165

Mmmm it's a yes and a no.

A yes because of the mod that says that will fix all the glitches. It something that may happen, and this would make it scarier... if it was.

Creepypastas have to catch the reader more, you know? Instead of an officer, the protagonist should have been a happy teenager, maybe, with the story told by his best friend (the friend was happy, than he said says him that he has downloaded a mod for their favourite game, DS, and that the next day he'll give him an usb with the mod. Than the guy stops going school, the friends tries to call him... and after a few days he suicides... the friend goes to his home, sees the mod, tries himself and blablabla you can imagine what may happen next.)

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