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Nuclear Winter

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It was the mid 60s. This was during the Cold War, only something went horribly, horribly wrong. The Nuclear bombs detonated all over the Earth, driving some to madness. Others survived on ancient magic and witchcraft. Finally, some lived in bunkers, deep below the Earth. Though one man was all three. His name? Maxwell, A.K.A William Carter. Very few survived on the island above his isolation. Some were mutations, such as Beefalo, Koalephants, and Jackelopes. Others just thrived, and became larger predators, such as the Spiders and Tallbirds, which gained monocular vision. Meanwhile, the hounds were pets who went feral.


Many ships wrecked, leaving few survivors. Some other vehicles crashed. Some were part of an ancient tribe long since gone. Meanwhile, some arrived do to... otherworldly means. Whatever the case, there were some surviving humans. And they needed to go underground, and then, survive.


Character Sheet:




Bio: (Optional)

Physical Description:


Health: 100/100

Sanity: 100/100

Hunger: 100/100 (Note: If specified in abilities, these can change.)








With the abilities, make sure to give a description of the ability. Try to make a balanced character.

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Morgan17    1305

The OP is allowed to necro his or her own thread in most cases. And anything after that is not a necro. So, you statement is invalid.

Oh. But you necro'ed anyways

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