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The Series of Hints

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Alright, so I feel like making a series of clues that will lead a hunt around the forums, and each post will contain a clue, which will lead to a reward that you will discover when you finish the hunt. You can join at any time, and you can help each other. i dunno when the hunt will end, but it will start now. I must give you rules however:


Rule 1: No asking the admins for help.

Rule 2: Only a maximum of two people will gain the reward.

Rule 3: Many secrets may be discovered along the way.


I will give you two hints, starting now. First of all, find the Capitol. Second of all, find the man with the magic compass, who was made by me. Go... now!

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Neosaurus    173

Well, they will lead to multiple hints, which will eventually lead to the answer.

WHY DAT SIG SO LONG. This is the first time I have ever needed to ignore something.

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