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What do effigy's do when your not around?

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Sinfano    10

Well it's just a random idea and consider the type of world you in. It's magic, everything else tries to kill or inconvenience you in shape or form so why not your favorite meaty buddy do the same? Something a simple as night comes it comes to life not to attack but to get as far away from you as possible. So instead of always having the cozy thought "Oh hey if I die I'll go right back to my little set up because good ol' meat effigy is up!" Versus "Okay I have meat effigy up the darn scarecrow decided to go who knows where and if I die at night or its in seem den of tentacle death or spider nests its not going to be pretty..." So it has a bit of risk reward yeah you certainly won't have your game and items end but you could be brought back to life to die right again because good ol' meat effigy's only desires through magical circumstance is to get away from you! Of course something like if you watch him at night he won't scurry away but that is okay I don't want him to run away but I'm stuck here staring and baby setting a freaking dummy and can't go out at night. Of course it also gives a downside to sleep bags because you went to sleep and guess who took a midnight stroll the moment you shut your eyes for the night.

It also could give more purpose to the different moons that come out at night like he'll only move on these nights of full or half moons because magics just right. I don't just a thought since he is your only constant although silent companion and security you have of not being murdered... well not being permanently murdered horribly by nature.

Can even see the good scientist start to say things as you do your best not to let him go off screen and of course make him more flammable for those who decide okay I'll plant you next to a fire so you'll never go out of sight.... Good luck with night creatures attacking and kiting them around of course you could eat the attacks to the face but whats more important making sure a meat effigy doesn't pack his bags or you dieing and wasting it anyway from paranoia of not knowing if or when he'll grow a brain and run away to Kansas.

Also I like to call my meat effigy Wilson ;3 He'd never abandon me right?

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