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Just missing one thing... (cabin & end-game suggestions)

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PaladinHeart    10

(thread disappeared or something, did it get auto-censored due to the house suggestion?...)

A house!

Or, more accurately, a cabin of some sort.

I mean, seriously, all that wood and you can't make a house? I haven't read about the future plans of Don't Starve, but I seriously hope a cabin of some sort is in there somewhere. A cabin would solve the end-game problem pretty quick.

The night monsters getting too dumb? Why not let them start tearing down the trees the player planted? Or just let em go through them. Then the player has to keep their cabin door repaired or risk a house invasion. Let em start tearing down the science equipment and other stuff too. Force the player to retreat indoors at night.

Not sure whether the cabin should either load another area or if it should require a large plot of land.

Also, some people might want to furnish their houses with those spiffy chests, a bed, etc.. A house (well, cabin) could certainly keep players busy in a longer running game and add extra challenges that weren't there before. It should also be a necessity during the Winter period.

Another thing that a lot of players might want is an area to display trophies, unique items, etc.. in their home. Like that gnome you just dug up, and have no use for aside from spending it on your tech score (and you've already researched everything). Maybe you could display it in a trophy room and get a bonus based on the item's science score? Like a place where your character can sit, relax, and restore some sanity... at least until night comes and the banging on the door starts up again. x]

Honestly if you can add in some kind of house, then this would be my dream game. Well almost. Finding a mate and having kids (that could work as an alternative to the "save me from death!" craftable items) would be nice but I can't possibly hope for every last item I'd want in a game. xP

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