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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Anyone have something to say there thankful for?(remember there are kids here)


I'll say this, Im thankful for these hotspots... Thats a joke...
Im really thankful that Klei is a wonderful community and that I was able to make so much friends just being me! (cause real life can be hard.) 

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Well, where I live it isn't Thanksgiving anymore. Black Friday. Ugh.


"Because right after the day where everyone is thankful for everything they have, everyone has to trample each other to death over discounted garbage."

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They started Black Friday at 8 pm. On THURSDAY!!!!

The sole reason it is entitled a Black Friday. The darkness consumes time itself, and reaches far beyond the boundaries of probability. This makes it possible this particular Friday is actually a different day.

On a more related note, I am thankful for the fruits the tree of life has given me up to this point, both representing events and persons, which for the record I cherish and do not consume...

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