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Correct PS3 Controller Layout?

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clang    0

I'm attempting to play Shank on my Mac which is running osx 10.9 with a PS3 controller. The controller has been recognized properly by the machine without the use of 3rd party drivers.


Unfortunately the associations of button with actions in the game seems to be off. The R2 button seems to pause, Start seems to fire. 


Would someone mind posting which actions are supposed to be associated with which button on the controller? If I know what should go where I should be able to adjust the controller settings to make everything work.


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Bluedoom57    2

Movement should be self explanatory
Dodging is on the right analog stick
X for jump
O for ranged attack
/_\ for heavy attack
Square for light attack
R1 for use
L1 for grenade
R2 for grab
L2 for pounce
Start for pause
Select for shop

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