Unable to start/load the game


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To whomever this may concern:

The issue is as follows. Whenever I load the app in my chrome browser, the login window/button appears and I click it. It brings up the requesting permissions dialogue, to which I press accept. This same window is then redirected to another site which is completely lacking of any form of scripting. The url is this: http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/code?state=http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/package/logup.html&code=4/rr6PpLtRUZhJWJHa4cnjYcGIUDA_.coE_P62x8rwSshQV0ieZDAq4yUmCcwI

Other user threads have suggested clearing the browser cache, reinstalling chrome, and logging in and out of my google account to resolve the issue, but none of these approaches have worked thus far.

I am very interested in trying the game out, while leaning towards purchasing it, but this has been somewhat of a dampener of my efforts.

Thanks to any all who read/consider/reply.

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