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[Suggestion] SHORTCUT for TORCH..

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Adam1000    0

I really think a shortcut for using torch should be implemented in the game, no matter where exactly in the inventory it is situated at that time. Also for "build torch" & "make fire" a shortcut would be nice, since in critical situations i think these three actions should be fast available, and the gameplay would improve a lot, u could control situations a little better, would probably feel like ur finger on the healthpotion shortcut in classical hacknlays like diablo.


Shortcuts for all tools should be consiedered, too.


Love the game, keep on the brilliant work!

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Syd    233

What do u mean with that?


You had posted a Don't Starve suggestion in the Incognita suggestion subforum.


The thread's been moved, though, so that's taken care of.

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