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Pokemon: The Origin


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So, I recently saw two episodes of the Pokemon: The Origin anime series. (It was in japanese, but with english subs made by the poster of the videos). So far I love the series, it's very good, but I have one complaint. It trashes so many theories from Pokemon Red/Blue that people have made.

Theory: Cubone is a baby kangaskhan, but the mother is dead and Cubone is wearing its bones. She's the ghost.

The Origin: Marowak is Cubone's mother and she was brutally murdered by some Team Rocket grunts. Now she's the ghost and Cubones are born with the skull.

Theory: Green (Gary) came to the Pokemon Tower to pay respects to his Raticate that died on the S.S Ann because you battled it, and it couldn't sustain the injuries long enough to get to the nearest pokemon center.

The Origin: Green (Gary) came to the Pokemon Tower because he overheard that Red was going to defeat Team Rocket, so Green (Gary) came so the he could be the hero, instead of Red.

Otherwise, it's a very good show so far.

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They debunked the Green/Raticate theory?! Man, that was my favorite Pokémon head-canon; Green paying his respects gave him a much needed touch of humanism.

Agreed. Whoever decided to prove that theory wrong... A lot of the pokemon community weren't happy after seeing this, I would guess.

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