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All's Well that Maxwell - (All Platforms, October 22 2013)

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d2r    80

Pity on Teleportato day count not resetting, but I'll live with that. 


Good bye, Sandbox World 2-1; we hardly knew ye. T_T

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the truthseeker    1,560

how can i download this????

Try Here.



If you have already bought the game and you can't update it to the latest version, please follow these steps first.



If this doesn't help and have Standalone (not Steam,) then go here.


If this fails (or you have Steam and it's still not updating automatically even after the "How Do I Update Don't Starve" instructions were followed: )

  • Make sure these preparatory things are done first, then go here choosing "I'm Having a technical Issue," and be as detailed as possible in the Message section.

A Klei Rep will then contact you shortly. .

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