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Don't Starve WILSOOON

[Exploit] Research Points

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Research Points

Steps to reproduce

1.Make a new world

2.Go as Willow/Wolfgang

3. Dig up as much grass as you can

4. Willow will survive night infinitely with ability/Wolfang has high health and hunger to survive nights

5.Get science machine and use as much grass Tuft for research and earn Thousands in just a few groups

Describe your issue

You can easily farm Research points by getting grass Tuft/saplings in Don't Starve and get an easy few thousand, The amount of RP from the Grass Tuft/ Saplings should be changed along with the grass/rocks since they can be easily farmed from mining/harvesting too

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cptCalavera    618

Agreed. Altough it is not a bug. It's just the way the grass tufts are scored in this build. The entire Research points system is going away and turn into something else after new years. So it wont be an issue then.


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