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[Gameplay] Grass not regrowing

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jamo_83    10

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  • Chrome

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Grass not regrowing

Steps to reproduce

Not sure if this can be reproduced.

Perhaps start a game. Pick some grass. Exit game. Continue game. Pick different grass. Wait to see if either or both regrow?

Describe your issue

I logged in to continue a game (resumed at day 114) and have played to day 120.

Since I have logged in any grass that was "picked" from last time I played has not regrown.

Whereas grass that was ready to be picked at day 114 has regrown several times between then and day 120.

I don't know if this is a bug as to why the grass that was picked when I logged in has not regrown.

Just thought I would bring it to your attention in case others are having the same problem.

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