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[Graphics] Multiple Monitors - Fail to start if disconnected


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Multiple Monitors - Fail to start if disconnected

Steps to reproduce

1. Start the Game with 2 monitors.

2. Change the Settings to display to your second monitor (may need fullscreen enabled).

3. Exit the Game.

4. Disconnect second monitor.

5. Attempt to start the game (message appears about failure to initialize)

Describe your issue

I was playing the game (Fullscreen, on Steam) when I decided to hook my laptop up to my HDTV as a bigger monitor. I was happy to find that the settings allow you to easily specify which monitor to output the game too, so I could play it without having to use the monitor in Duplicate Desktop mode (Desktop Extended mode is way nicer).

After playing for a while, I decided to switch back (my TV made the game appear darker). I completely exited the game before disconnecting from the TV. I then attempted to replay the game, and a simple MessageBox appeared stating that there was an error to initialize. This would happen every time I tried to start it.

I then restarted my machine, in an attempt to fix this issue. But the message still appeared when ever I started the game. I then had steam verify the game cache, but this didn't help either.

Then, on a hunch, I reconnected my TV and discovered the game started without issue (immediately displaying full screen on the TV). After switching the settings back to display on the first monitor, I was able to exit and start up the game without issue.

I assume this startup issue is due to the game attempting to connect to a monitor that is no longer connected. I would expect the game to revert to a monitor that is still connected, without forcing a you to re-connect the additional monitor for the game to work.

If someone else can also reproduce this issue, this would help ensure that this is not just local to my machine.

I hope the bug report helps! I'm enjoying the game, and look forward to it becoming fully polished!

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