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Rosten    928

Hey guys, so i've been wanting to write another story for a while, but my unoriginal mind could never think of anything good to write of, and i really love playing don't starve, so i decided to write my own fanfiction about it, the plan for how it will be presented is, will be like this


Chapter # - Name

Story Goes Here


spoilers and chapters so it doesn't clutter up the OP with a huge wall of text and so you wont have to sit there and scroll through hundreds of words to find the next chapter, well here goes first chapter


Chapter 1 - Forbidden Knowledge

If I knew what I do now then I never would have listened to the voice on the radio, never built the machine, never killed anyone or anything.
but I didn't and I had no way to know, I could have prevented this, but my own ambitions got in the way.
It all started with the voice, I was working in my home, practicing alchemy when the radio suddenly turned on, the voice was like a harmonium, it said, "Say pal, looks like you're having some
trouble, I have secret knowledge I can share with you" there was a pause "if you think you are ready for it"
I was eager to learn the secrets of the universe, a little to eager, as soon as I nodded in reply the voice shouted "OKAY THEN!"
Glyphs and symbols of all shapes and sizes swirled out of the radio forming a globe around me, it felt like they were swirling into my brain, making me understand the once meaningless symbols. Suddenly everything became clear, I smiled in delight
There was a blueprint on the table next to me, of course my curiosity led me to try and build it, no need of any "encouragement" from the voice. After hours and hours of toil and work I was done with my machine, while I was still marveling at my creation the voice came back on, it shouted
"EXCELLENT!" then "Now throw the switch" I hesitated, wondering what this mechanical wonder would do.
at my hesitation the voice got angry, yelled "DO IT!" so loud that it seemed to shake the ground beneath me,
Needless to say, I pulled the switch. The machine started rumbling, it seemed to be building itself up, first from just a meaningless pile of machinery, to something resembling a head albeit a squarish, rectangular head.
lightning flashed, I thought I saw the pattern of a face with a wicked grin on the machine for a second, I wrote it off as my own imagination, there was silence for a second, not serene silence, but silence full of tension at what was about to happen, i heard a slight chuckle come from the radio
Dark hands climbed out of the ground, before I could realize what was happening, they were already pulling at me, I screamed for help, my niece, Willow who had been napping downstairs and, after being awoken by my scream decided to come up and see what all the commotion was about, and probably scold me
for waking her up, in her dreamy state it took her a moment to realize exactly what was happening, when she finally realized what was happening, half of my body had already been pulled down into the dark abyss
she lunged for me, grabbing me by the hair, it hurt, but she was trying. Almost instantly the hands made a final tug at me, and Willow, refusing to let go was pulled in with me.


So, thoughts on the first chapter? should i continue this?

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Rosten    928


I guess i could continue it, but between school, watching youtube, playing kol, and making pixel art it'll be a bit difficult, i guess i could write some of it while im in school and then teachers, being ridiculously lazy decide to give us half an hour to do anything we want as long as we're not making noise.

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