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playfulkit    10

I know there are ample suggestions for new beasties for the game, but I just wanted to throw mine into the pot. No I'm not asking for it, I'm simply wondering what the majority think about the idea.

There's been talk of new biomes sometime in the future - yay if we get 'em, no harm no foul if we don't. I don't know how many people have seen Little Shop of Horrors, but it popped into my head earlier today when I was hacking away at a tree. Now I know we already have the Tree Guards if we get too greedy, but what if we had some sort of meat eating plant? It could be a simple venus flytrap but for me the artwork feels like it would fit better if we had a plant not unlike "Mean Green Mother".

I keep seeing this plant resting out in a swampy like area, head tilted up and Wilson's just walking on by then he decides to stop and investigate. For Science!! -cough- Anywho, ultimately it's just another resource that'll attack you but there it is. Now I hadn't thought too far into what it could drop, I was mostly - like I said - just curious on what the general thoughts were.

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mobius187    29

Well the swamp area already has the deadly tentacle, which I assume is a plant because it drops a spikey stick, and both cannot move from their "spot".

However I would like to see new unique creatures added to the game, like the strange tallbirds.

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