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"dug_Berrybush2" Disappearing [Graphics]

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xsunpure    4

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  • Graphics.



  • Steam.


Do you use mods?

  •  No.


Version Number

  • 85089.

Issue title

  • 'dug_Berrybush2's graphic, when placed on the ground (Happens most often on barren/dug up ground, but does happen on other turfs as well), will disappear. Item itself will still be present in the world, but not clickable.

Steps to reproduce


#1 way

  • Place dug_berrybush2 on ground. Dug_berrybush2 will disappear.
  • Walk off screen, and come back, and the graphic will return.
  • Walk back up to dug_berrybush2 (within 1 space), and the graphic will disappear again and become unclickable.
  • If you return on screen, click the bush to pick up. It will disappear when you get close, but you are still able to pick it up.

#2 way

  • Dig up berrybush2.
  • dug_berrybush2 will immediately disappear, and will not return even after running off screen or reloading the game.

Describe your issue

  • Still able to use the pre-existing dug_berrybush2 items in the world, however it's a huge inconvenience if placing on the ground and trying to pick them back up.
  • dug_berrybush2 appears to COMPLETELY disappear when initially dug up, even after running off screen and returning back, meaning dug_berrybush2 are ungatherable, unless already in my inventory or spawned manually.
  • Started happening about half an hour ago, and I had already been playing the game for 1-2 hours with no prior problems.

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Wade    309

Alright, I'll look into this and see if I can figure out why they are disappearing.


Could be the same issue that causes the farm plot plants to disappear.

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