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Sound Mod Tutorial

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Cheerio    2687
This tutorial will teach you how to create a mod which replaces a sound in 'Don't Starve'.  For this tutorial, we're going to replace the 'rabbit scream' sound with a 'bird scream'.  
This tutorial requires:
- PC version of 'Don't Starve' and 'Don't Starve Mod Tools'
- The 'Sound Mod Tutorial' mod installed through Steam Workshop or on the Klei Forum downloads.
All sounds in 'Don't Starve' are called events.  To replace an existing sound event, we need to create a new sound event using the FMOD designer and then tell the game to use that sound instead.  Let's get started!


To launch the designer, Double click on the 'Don't Starve Mod Tools' in steam:
Now inside the designer, browse to your mod folder and open 'sound_mod_tutorial.fdp'.
Next click on the events tab and scroll down till you find the 'rabbit_scream' event.



Right click on the gray area under the word play list and click add sound.  



Add the 'bird_scream.wav' sound from the mod folder.
Press 'CTRL+B' to bring up the build menu and click the build button.  You can now close the designer.


Browse to the mod folder and open up a file named 'modmain.lua' in your favorite text editor.



Remove the two dashes next to the 'rabbit_scream' line and save the file.



Now start the game and go chase some rabbits!  Remember to enable your mod through the mods menu.
Happy modding! :-)
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playsmoked    0

Hi guys i dont know how to fix the error, can u give me a hand, i upload my character in mega because i need help to make this custom character work.

When i activate the mod the game crash please  help me!7h5AFaAY!ae62BjX_AeD6IV7ryYPEJOJu13LBuZmZzJzPa8d93Wg

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Ultroman    752

The Workshop link in the OP is busted. Just needs "http://" fixed to work.

Also, the API version set in the modinfo.lua no longer matches the game.

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inches    1

 PC version of 'Don't Starve' and 'Don't Starve Mod Tools'

This explicitly means that it's PC only and not just Steam/Mac, ya? I'm not finding "Don't Starve Mod Tools" when searching the steam workshop on my Mac.

Edited by inches

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