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Os X Graphics Performance (Hd5000 Igp)

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Vytauti    13

There is problem with some places graphicaly.


If there is posibility just use MacBook Air with intel IGP (i guess any will do, in my case it's MacBook Air "13 with HD 5000) and walk through the game. Some places just are slugish for no apparent reason.


E.g. some places with depth like windows and lasers (as in first mission (after the tutorial one)) makes IGP strugle, even though there is nothing going on really you can't even walk normal speed. In other places, which are way more intense (lots of enemies, movement, runing, shooting, "grapling" around etc.) you get fluid gameplay. Also levels with sand storms or gas traps kills the performance.


And the most interesting part is that the resolution does not matter. Its laggy anyway.


Tried many setting variations - found no solution sadly.


Everything considered it reminds me of that strange lag bug in dont starve beta versions in graveyards with the fog. Lag comes into motion for no reason.


Also If it is required I think I can attach some screenshots. But I dont think they're needed.

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Wade    309

We are making some changes this weekend to better support Intel cards on OSX, hopefully this will address your issues as well.

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