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Purplemagechan's Don't Starve Comics And Doodles.

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Hello, I'm a new member to the forum here. Anyway, I've been loving Don't Starve and I wanted to share some of my fanart and fan comics I've done here. 



This is my first attempt at Don't Starves style and it... Sort of sucks.  Not gonna lie.



Ah, That's better.



And now for the main course, the comics.  




Comic 1: Wilson and Willow.




Comic 2: Danger




Comic 3: Guard



Comic 4: A coward's guide to combat.



There you go.  That's everything I've drawn so far.  What do you think?  If you want to see any more of my artwork I have a DeviantART account.  But this is all the Don't Starve artwork I have up on there. 

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Blewcheese    886

Your style is great! The rabbits looks so cute, and so does pretty much everything else.

Don't resist, rabbits. I only want to keep you in a chest until it's time to kill you so I can eat.

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