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Where Is My Game, Key, Email?

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Depending on where you purchased the game, you can retrieve your keys in the following ways. 

NOTE:As of April 23rd, we are no longer offering a free friend key with purchase of Don't Starve.


Humble Store: (Amazon, Paypal, Google)
When you purchase Don't Starve through the Humble Store, you will be sent an email that contains a unique URL that will allow you to claim a key that can be used in both Steam and the Standalone version of the game.

Where is my email?
If you either A) mistype the email address or B) type in a different email address than you think you used to purchase, people can miss the email confirmation. 

The best step here is to check any possible email address (and spam box) to see if you can find the Humble Store email confirmation.
You can also go to the Humble Store to have the email resent or contact them to check to make sure you used the right email address:


When you purchase Don't Starve from Steam, the game is added to your Steam games library.

Where is my second key?
If you purchased Don't Starve through Steam during the early access beta, you will find your extra copy in your steam Inventory here:

NOTE:As of April 23rd, we are no longer offering the second friend key with purchase of Don't Starve. If you purchased before this day, you will have a second key available. 

Do I get a Standalone key?
If you are playing Don't Starve on Steam, go to your games library and choose "View CD Key." Here you will find a new product key that will allow you access to the Standalone;
- Go to your internet browser and type in:
- Add your product key after the = and press enter to continue
- This will take you to the Humble Store page, choose and click your operating system (Linux) 
- Once you've chosen your OS, click on the "Download" tab to begin downloading the Standalone client.
- Install the Don't Starve Standalone Client and run it; the updater will prompt you to input your product key, input the product key you got after right-clicking on Don't Starve in your Steam library.
If you made it through this list and you are still having issues, use the contact us form and send as much information as you have that may be able to help us track down and fix your issue.

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