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[Graphics] Click location doesn't match UI location

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Kyrri    10

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Click location doesn't match UI location

Steps to reproduce

Click essentially anything.

Describe your issue

UI discrepancy - Occasionally when attempting to click an item (either in gameplay or in inventory) the game will think the item is further to the right than it appears on screen.

Happens most often with these inventory slots;

- furthest on the right regular inventory

- left, down one in the backpack inventory

I've encountered this trying to pick up morsels (usually when they're in the same location, pretty much centered in the screen), where the area I need to click to pick it up (when the text UI changes from "walk" to "pickup") is just to the right of the actual object as seen on screen.

It appears to only happen when I custom re-size the screen.

I took a screenshot for your convenience, but when trying to use "manage attachments" to include it I got a message saying I don't have permission to access this page, so that in itself may also be an issue.

Hope this helps!

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