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[Crash] Settings makes screen perma black

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Issue title

Settings makes screen perma black

Steps to reproduce

1) Start game

2) Enter settings during game play

3) Hit "Apply" to any setting (resolution, sound lvl, etc)

Screen then goes dark (If in windowed mode, will temporarily fullscreen, then resize to previous size, but will still be entirely black)

Describe your issue

I was in the middle of playing the game post the latest update. I wanted to change the sound settings while I was playing. When the new settings were applied, even though it was just the audio settings, the screen resized itself from window mode to full-screen mode, then back to window mode. When the game returned to window mode, the screen had turned black. No graphics, no menu, no error message, just a blank window.

Attempted to change the settings from the Main Menu instead. Same problem happens.

Running through Steam. Windows XP. Meets all the requirements to run the game. Game was running fine before the Nov 27th patch; then ran into issues after the patch. Have reinstalled game, verified game files, and updated the C++ and DX Setup. These steps did not resolve the issue.

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