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Urist McHungry

A list of Pig Names!

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I was browsing the forum some hours ago and came across the thread "RMB The In Depth Look At Your Character! (May Contain Spoilers)" by Joyousterror, I thought it was rather wonderful and wondered whether or not someone had done something like it for Pigs or made a list of Pig Names.

After searching and failing to locate such a thread after around ten-fifteenth minutes of searching, I decided to register and make such a thread myself!

So here it is, what is probably a near-complete/complete list of Pig Names (In - what I hope is - alphabetical order)

PIG NAMES! Huuray!

Aemilian, Alex, Alia, Anatasius, Anthemius, Antonius, Arcadius, Augustus, Aurelian, Avitus.

Bacon, Bagel, Balbinus, Barley, Basiliscus, Berry, Biscuit, Brook, Brownie, Bug, Butters.

Cabbage, Caligula, Caracalla, Carinun, Carus, Cheddar, Chip, Claudius, Clover, Coco, Commodus, Constans, Constantine, Constantius, Corey, Crabby, Custard.

Didius, Diocletian, Domitian, Doughnut, Dumpling.

Eggbert, Eggy, Elagabalus, Eugene.


Galba, Galerius, Gallienus, Geta, Glycerius, Gordian, Gouda, Graham, Gratian.

Hadrian, Hamilton, Hamms, Honorius, Hostilian.

Jamie, Jeff, Jerky, Joannes, Joe, Jovian, Julian, Julius, Justin, Justinian.

Kelly, Kevin, Kiwi.

Leo, Libius, Licinius, Lucius.

Majorian, Marcian, Marcrinus, Marcus, Matt, Maurice, Maxentius, Maximian, Maximinus, Mickey, Moon, Mr.P.

Nacho, Nero, Nerva, Numerian.

Oatey, Oinkey, Olive, Olybrius, Otho.

Pepper, Pertinax, Petronius, Philip, Pickles, Pie, Porkbun, Porkins, Porky, Probus, Puffin, Pupienus.


Reuben, Romulus.

Salty, Septmius, Severus, Smell.

Tacitus, Tater, Tatham, Theodosius, Tiberius, Titus, Trajan, Trebonianus, Truffle, Tuna, Twinkie.

Valens, Valentinian, Valerian, Vespasian, Vetriano, Vitellius.

Waffle, Weiner, Wiggles.


If I missed any Pig Names, let me know and I'll update it or fix it or something; any and all corrections (even for typos and the like) are helpful!

I don't know how this information will be remotely useful, but it might be interesting. Maybe..

I was thinking about having list of the things that Pigs say here as well, which I can add if you folks want.

If someone has already made a thread like this that I missed while searching, then I'm terribly sorry for making an unnecessary one.

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Toaster Fu    103

Fun fact: the pig names are made up of the names of Roman emperors, Dev names and the Devs favorite foods. Though I'm not sure wiggles fits into any of those categories…

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