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[Exploit] Miners hat breaks but still provides light

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jamo_83    10

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  • Chrome

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Miners hat breaks but still provides light

Steps to reproduce

Wear miners hat to 0% durability.

If error message appears close with cross in top right corner of message box.

Describe your issue

Wore miners hat until 0% left.

as the hat reached 0% an error message came up on screen. (Sorry didn't write it down).

Rather than clicking the reset button on the message I just clicked the cross to close it.

After that point I had no hat showing in inventory but my character still looked like he was wearing the miners hat and still got the benefit of illumination.

I then equipped the football helmet and the character image changed but I still had illumination around me as if I was wearing the miners helmet.

Once I exited and re-entered the game the problem fixed itself, but if I hadn't it appeared as if it would just sty that way indefinitely.

This was the first and only time I have worn the miners helmet to 0% so not sure if it happens every time or not.

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