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[Exploit] items duplications using backpack


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items duplications using backpack

Steps to reproduce

1 - equip a backpack (with a free spot)

2 - have a chest nearby (with a free spot OR NOT)

3 - select any item (stacked or not)

4 - click on the chest (STORE) to start moving toward it

5 - BEFORE you reach the chest put the item in the backpack

6 - the item(s) will be duplicated - put in both places.

Describe your issue


First of all : super game... a bit too addictive... I'm on day 129!

By mistake, miss-clicking, changing my mind on storing - keeping an item in backpack, I found that duplication bug.

Pretty easy to duplicate things knowing that... kind of a game breaker.

The danger with that 'unfair' exploitation is that the game may recognize the same item being re-stacked in the same chest or put back in the inventory in a short period of time - or - without clicking / interacting with other items. and cause BOTH item(s) to disappear.


If you put the copy in the same chest the items will be stacked, and when you click again, the stacked items will disappear.

If the chest is opened and you put the copy nearby on the ground, weird things happens, may auto-stack or move all in inventory, and eventually all disappear.

I managed to succesfully cheat and duplicate 20x manure stacked items by changing them from different chest, then selecting different items, moving away, back and fort, etc etc... and finally stacked all of them in the same chest.

I hope it'll help you guys.

Keep up the good work!

Again, really nice game! Looking forwards for future updates!

Jeff Perrault

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