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[Gameplay] Game deletes save upon death, even with effigies


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Game deletes save upon death, even with effigies

Steps to reproduce

1. Create at least one Meat Effigy

2. Die by some cause (fire caused it for me)

3. While dead and on the ground, quit or have the game crash before revival

Describe your issue

I was 50 days in with four Meat Effigies and living the good life. A hound attack was incoming so I prepared for it. In the battle I was killed by a fire hound. Mid-animation, my game crashed. When I reloaded the game, I had not gained any EXP and my save was gone. Please, this glitch is horrible and got rid of all my progress...

(Also, I can't see any version number after scouring the game. It's the most recent version where hounds are added.)

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