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[Gameplay] Rabbit Feathers?

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Rabbit Feathers?

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Three times now when I have picked up a rabbit trap from a hole, it has given me a morsel and a feather, so far I have gotten two red and one black, is this a new feature that are the rabbits hoarding feathers, or a bug?

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Excess    55

I think that the bug is that the traps now catch birds too, not that the rabbits became carnivores and started eating birds and hoarding their feathers in their holes.

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T0urmy    10

It happened to me too, but i don't see any problem in it, regular birds still fit under the category "small creatures".

Those birds were just unlucky. =D

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Raital    10

Unfortunately, I do see a problem in it.

My first problem with it is that the bird should be too small to trigger the trap. While it is certainly possible for a bird to manage to trigger it, the issue is that it renders bird traps, which must be unlocked and built from silk, completely and utterly useless as well as needlessly expensive. If you can just use normal traps to do the same thing as bird traps, why have bird traps at all?

My second problem is that it happens way, way too often. Perhaps I'm alone in this behavior but I tend to lay four traps cardinally around each rabbit hole. While I know the bird landings are random in location, often enough it manages to occur where my traps are. I often get about 8 morsels a day just from birds, and this without using any bait.

Perhaps the birds need to land less regularly. Perhaps I'm just extremely lucky. Either way, the fact it renders bird traps useless is reason enough to consider it undesirable behavior.

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