Opening the Map while the game is paused will unpause it with the menu still showing


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With the Paused menu open (by pressing Esc) I am still able to press Tab to bring up the Map. If I close the map, the game unpauses and I can run about and such but the Paused menu is still shown. Pressing Esc will bring up another layer of Paused menu and pause the game.

I did not see how far this rabbit hole goes.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. While playing, press Esc to pause the game

2. Press Tab and notice that the map opens

3. Press Tab again and notice the map closes

4. Left-click somewhere in the screen outside of the menu and notice that your character walks to that location (and birds are flying about, and the daylight clock is running)

5. Press Esc to pause the game again and notice a new layer of the menu appears and the game pauses

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